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Power in Aging (PIA) is a community of support and inspiration for women in the stages of “midlife”. It is a journey of self discovery and self development through the twists and turns of inevitable change. It is reconnecting with your true identity and soul purpose, working through grief, self acceptance and finding true joy at any age. We are pro-aging, embracing life with gratitude for the gift that it is. PIA is your invitation for a transformation of self, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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Our Mission

Power in Aging is a one of a kind online group coaching membership program. We strive to defy the stereotypes set upon us by society regarding the natural process of aging. We challenge unhealthy beliefs and values that are not serving us and look for alternatives that align with our integrity. We discover our true identity and soul purpose as we traverse and unpack what lies within us and the possibilities ahead of us. 

Through coaching and experiential learning we will explore the many human aspects of how aging affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and set out on a course of action to embrace our unique and wonderful selves, exactly as we are. We encourage self discovery, self development and self empowerment. We offer support, inspiration, accountability and an open heart in a community of amazing, strong and perfectly imperfect women transitioning through midlife. 

Christine Daer

Christine is very proud to be a Certified Life Skills Coach and is passionate about serving and supporting people in a way that really matters!

Melanie Wendt

Melanie has always had an interest in food, nutrition and exercise, and lives a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

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Power in Aging is excited to introduce this new opportunity to join a safe and inclusive online membership space that we are creating for women going through midlife. Coming in 2023!

Wellness Wisdom

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So what is the big deal about this magical number?
“11:11 = The mystical supernatural cosmic number; the gateway to parallel universes.” - Uri Geller -

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