Life With Collective Purpose

Guests Christine and Melanie share how they found a gift in aging, and how they share that with the world. They discuss how aging can be powerful and there is also a grief process as we age and realize our goals and dreams have changed. There is so much power in community and coming together as a group in their Power in Aging coaching and online speaker events, supporting each other with wisdom, shared experiences and stories. Melanie brings her gift as a health coach and Christine is a certified life coach and together they offer a powerful tool for women going through mid-life and beyond.

Listen to the podcast episode here

The Living to Thrive Podcast

Kathryn White interviews Christine on her “Living to Thrive” podcast. They delve into Christine’s past and how she changed her life course to become a Certified Life Coach and develop the Group Coaching Program “Power In Aging”.

CJBK Radio Interview

London’s CJBK radio hosts Loreena and Ken interview Christine about the Power In Aging workshop and what PIA is about!

CFPL Radio Interview

Christine was asked to be a part of the London Health Sciences Foundation 2021 Health Change Challenge Fundraiser as a Life Coach, to help keep the participants “accountable”. She did several videos for them on the topics of goal setting and accountability, and here, Mike Stubbs, from am980 CFPL’s radio station interviewed her about it.

Now Watch Me Fly Ltd Interview

British Mindset Coach, Abbie Broad, interviews Christine about her other company RYVibe (Raise Your Vibration) and the multiple services she offers (Life Coaching, Angelic Reiki, Ageless Grace, etc) and her group coaching program, Power In Aging and how it can help women through the transitions of middle age.


Pauline H. Michigan, USA
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I have really enjoyed this community of “older” women! I have always wanted to belong to a focused group like this and here it is !! There are all kinds of topics and wonderful speakers and also coaching to encourage a wonderful life after 50! A community of loving and knowledgeable women and a wonderful hostess Christine !! I know personally how wonderful she is! I am so glad our paths crossed and you won’t be disappointed but uplifted when you join and it is not expensive at all. Do it!!
Anne F.Toronto, Canada
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What an amazing experience Christine and her partners are providing. I’ve attended several speaker events and thoroughly enjoyed them. Not only is the take-away of value, but the community experience is lovely. I look forward to attending more!!
Lori T.Waterloo, Canada
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I have been participating in the Power in Aging guest speaker and group coaching sessions with Christine, Jenna, and Melanie. A great group of people participate in the guest speaker sessions and the topics are very interesting. I appreciate hearing the viewpoints and questions and answers of those that attend these monthly events. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the group coaching sessions with Christine, Jenna and Melanie and have found them to be very helpful. These great women have coached me with a different perspective, support and non judgement about what I'm experiencing and how I might approach the situation for my well being. Christine, Jenna and Melanie are thoughtful, supportive, kind and soothing for the soul. I feel like I found my people.
Sarina G.St. Thomas, Canada
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I can honestly say that being able to take part in some of the zoom calls with the guest speakers that the Power in Aging team brings in, has been both inspiring and uplifting and has definitely changed my life for the better. With the guidance that I have received from Christine as both a life coach and a friend, she has totally helped me to believe in myself and the power I have within myself to have a better and brighter future. She is truly an Angel in disguise. Thank you PIA Angels!
Ana N.Germany
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I recently attended the Power in Aging Workshop. Even though I did not know the other participants, I liked very much to hear their experiences and thoughts. Some have the same feelings and difficulties that I am facing now. The inputs and techniques presented in the workshop are very powerful to deal with and release these issues. Great hints!
Karin F.Toronto, Canada
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The intro workshop was a lovely little taste of what was to come. Often we feel so alone in dealing with growing up and old. Becoming invisible to the male gaze…regrets – coulda/shoulda/woulda(s)… worries about future. But to have community with other women, to remember to remember WHO YOU ARE… that’s what fuels the next chapter. Christine’s delivery is personable and peppered with humour… so she can go deep and is supportive. It was a pleasure.