Power In Aging is beyond thrilled to be offering Retreats at Casa de Influencia in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, coming in 2023! (Dates TBA!)

Retreats are not only a wonderful way to rejuvenate your body, replenish your soul and escape the hustle and bustle, but they are a powerful time for self discovery, self development and goal setting.

In our daily lives we have so much going on which can strain us and drain our verve for life. From the outside, you may appear to be functioning, while in reality you feel deeply stuck. You deserve to make yourself a priority. rediscover your clearest, healthiest, happiest life. We can help you achieve your goals!

Restore and regenerate your energy and passion in a Mexican wellness retreat, including exceptional tropical meals and a meditation rooftop with healing views of the ocean, bringing peace to your body, mind and soul in the fresh hilltop ocean air and natural beauty of the Mexican pacific bays.

 Cultivate new habits with coaching and workshops focusing on personal development, mental health and ways to move forward through the many transitions of aging.

 Form lasting bonds and a sisterhood with the other like-hearted women on the same journey. Mix that together with free time for shopping, art galleries, and exploring the rich culture and history of Old Puerto Vallarta.  Optional organized group outings, such as a boat and beach day, and a salsa dancing and dinner evening can also be included!

What more could you ask for?

We can’t wait! We hope you’ll join us!