Power in Aging: A Group Coaching Method

Group coaching is a wonderful way to create a sense of community while striving for a common goal. We facilitate a very safe and inclusive environment where we can support one another while seeing exponential growth and progress. There is an incredible energy and collective wisdom in group coaching, and PIA will empower you to share your voice and challenge your beliefs in an experiential approach. You will have the guidance and expertise of Certified Life and Health Coaches, but you will also be able to learn from one another, access different viewpoints and ideas, all while creating valuable connections and relationships within our wonderful “Tribe”! Our desire is to originate a “mindset reset” and envelop personal growth during our time together that will inspire lasting and sustainable transformation.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word aging? Grey hair, wrinkles, slowing down?

For many people “aging” carries a real stigma around it and how they look at their limits and challenges is defined by their beliefs about what aging “should” look like.

The truth is … we are all aging – since the day we were born!

Thankfully, we are now changing the way we think about aging. 60 is the new 40! We are staying healthier longer and taking better care of ourselves. We are getting involved more and are socially active. We are becoming more aware of the world around us and our consciousness is expanding. These are all positive steps in the right direction to living long, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

So, why are we “stuck”?

Like any process, working THROUGH our emotions, rather than avoiding them, will free us from the ones that haunt us. I believe that forming an age-positive community, where we can build each other up, support each other in our struggles and normalize the reality of aging, will have lasting benefits on our minds, bodies and spirits as we transition through the years. Society has devalued aging, but like a fine wine, we should be even more valuable as we age. We have the wisdom, experience and tenacity to prove it. So let’s not just talk about it, let’s learn to LIVE it! Together, let’s find the POWER in AGING!

The Coaches

Christine Daer

Christine is very proud to be a Certified Life Skills Coach and is passionate about serving and supporting people in a way that really matters! Her intuitive one-on-one coaching inspires personal and spiritual growth, helps clients achieve life and career goals, and works through challenging transitions and relationships. Christine's desire to work with women entering the "midlife" phase motivated her to create a community called Power in Aging, offering workshops, group coaching sessions, a Guest Speaker series, and now introducing an online monthly membership program!

Formerly a professional Actress and TV presenter, Christine considers herself a permanent student of life, travelling the world, following her free-spirit through a lifetime of experiences. She is an Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner and Angelic Lightworker, an Ageless Grace (seated brain fitness) facilitator and a proud Mamabear to her two beautiful boys, Rio and Kai.

Melanie Wendt

Melanie has always had an interest in food, nutrition and exercise, and lives a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Her degree in Biology helps her understand the science side of the body and her experience in the restaurant industry has given her skills to design meals that are tasty and densely nutritious. Melanie has been certified as a fitness instructor, detox specialist, blood sugar mentor, endocrine and microbiome health guide.

How do I know if PIA is right for me?

  • If you are feeling some of the natural effects from aging but not sure how to handle the many, inevitable transitions.
  • If you are tired of hearing negative comments or seeing ads about stereotypical aging myths and want to be a part of a pro-aging community.
  • If you look in the mirror and are not sure of the person you see anymore but know the real YOU is buried underneath somewhere, and you want to find her again and re-connect, or even “reinvent” her.
  • If you want to find your soul purpose and take back your power – at any age!
  • If you are feeling “stuck”, with no sense of “worth”, or unmotivated to make necessary changes in your life.
  • If you aren’t quite sure what you are feeling but know that you are “off” or “blah” right now.
  • If you are grieving the sense of loss or failure for goals or dreams that were never achieved.
  • If you have limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you and you need to make a mindset reset.
  • If you are suffering from empty nest syndrome.
  • If you are a mother or care-giver of any kind and have lost your sense of self in the process of taking care of others.
  • If you are struggling (because of aging) to get back into the workforce or make career changes.
  • If you are not fully in love with yourself for reasons pertaining to aging – physically, mentally, hormonally, emotionally or spiritually.
  • If you want to find ways to empower yourself through the process of aging.
  • If you want to be a part of a nurturing and supportive community that embraces and focuses on the positive areas and effects of aging.  
  • If you have a “voice” and want to be heard and support other like-hearted women.
  • If you are naturally drawn to our “vibe” and our mission.
  • If you have wondered what “coaching” is all about and thought you’d like to dip your toe into an affordable group coaching program to find out.

We are Yoga & Nutrition Experts

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Happy Faces of Happy Students

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