Membership Program

Power in Aging is excited to introduce this new opportunity to join a safe and inclusive online membership space that we have created for women going through midlife. Launches May 1st!

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Your membership will include various modalities based on monthly themes, including a variety of weekly emails and online content, specialized videos from the PIA team, discovery and development work, self reflection and journaling exercises, tools and tips, expert health and wellness wisdom, weekly motivation messages and more! And of course, loads of inspiration, love and support!

Each month will offer a chance to work through the inevitable transitions of aging and allow for growth in areas that you might not even realize exist. Your participation and the energy you put into your membership will result in achieving your goals, personal transformation and overall conscious awareness.

Group Coaching

Online calls with other PIA members as well as your monthly coaching call with the PIA team

Guest Speakers

Exclusive access to member-only guest speaker replays and recordings


A designated member area to keep each other accountable and form lasting friendships with women who are on the same journey

Facebook Group

Access to our private Facebook group to receive latest news and updates

Tips, Tools and Supports

Two "POWER HOURS" every month to help you get the support you need on monthly exercises and challenges

Membership perk: All PIA members will also receive a 20% discount on private 1-1 coaching with any of our PIA team coaches, as well as special member discounts/ perks on future workshops and retreats!

How does this work?

Self-paced development

Enjoy self-paced development and discovery work, delving in as deep as you are willing to go to get the outcome you need.

Each month will reflect on a new theme regarding aging and the challenges (and benefits) we face.

Through coaching questions, journaling, exploration and exercises, you will start to unpack areas in your life that have been holding you back from being the best YOU and living your best life. This is where the transformation starts to happen.


Committing to others is sometimes easier than making that same commitment to ourselves. Power In Aging will introduce you to your “Groupettes” which will be your own intimate group of women that you will be meeting with twice a month (via zoom).

As you get to know and support each other, you will see how these friendships develop into more of a sisterhood and “family” and you’ll look forward to their comforting faces to discuss the monthly themes.

The format for the meeting is provided for you and you just need to show up with keep an open heart. You will be seen and heard and have a voice. You will also be an ear to listen and support the others. These “Groupettes” will become the most integral role in your growth and personal transformation on your journey with PIA.


The PIA team will encourage you to try monthly themed Challenges and exercises for growth and reflection. They will discuss Tips and Tools that can also help with your progress. A specially created monthly “Power List” will also be gifted to members to try something new! 

Group Coaching sessions

Join PIA Coaches Christine and Melanie for your monthly themed Group Coaching session (via zoom). Another very important part of our PIA online program, is your participation in our Group Coaching sessions, held once a month. These will allow us to connect with you and our PIA members to see where you are at in the monthly coaching questions and areas of growth in this theme. Together we learn from hearing how others are striving, sharing wisdom, support and acceptance within our tight community. 

~💓 Please note that all coaching sessions are confidential and are not recorded, so please make sure you commit to showing up live!

Bonus! Bonus!

We realize that sometimes you need a little “extra” support and may have questions about some of the monthly exercises or challenges. We want to be accessible to you (after all, we are family now). So we have decided to dedicate two “POWER HOURS” every month to help you get the support you need! One of our PIA team coaches will open the Zoom Room during this time and be available for YOU! Feel free to jump on during that hour and ask the Coach questions that will help you stay on track!

Think of it like a homeroom teacher leaving their classroom door open after school to come by and ask the questions you are needing support with! 

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Premium Membership

Access to our premium membership
$ 397
  • Monthly themed online content, videos and challenges
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Monthly expert guest speakers

Premium Membership

Membership with a Friend Referral bonus
$ 353 Yearly
  • Monthly themed online content, videos and challenges
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Monthly expert guest speakers